I read, I see, I travel, I become.

Travel Ark is a versatile multi-facetted travel partner that conducts tours to various destinations. However, Ladakh tops the list. It is not only you, but us who are mesmerized by the lure of Ladakh. Ladakh has an intrinsic romance. It is the lovesong of mountains, monasteries, myths, mysticism and mountainfolk - magic that is hard to escape.

“To adventure, is to find yourself whole…”

Because we are not just another tour operator, we are specialists on Ladakh

Because our itineraries are not about touring the place, but preserving moments and memories

Because we do not take you only to chosen familiar spots, we hold your hand and take you into the unknown

Because we do not want you to be anxious when tripping with us, but open to each landscape, each turn of the road, each prayer fluttering on the breeze

Because we don’t care whether you pay us in dollars or rupees

Because Ladakh is no longer an inaccessible terrain, its only town Leh is connected with most of its 112 villages and transport and telecommunication are much improved today

Because we don’t care about what you shopped, but the photographs you clicked for eternity

Because to us you are not just another tourist, but our friend in adventure

“Leave the road, take the trails…”

Despite increased accessibility and development, Ladakh still has enormous wide open spaces where one can be alone with oneself. These are the preying haunts of explorers. And then, the passes ('la'-s). They are plenty. Either swooping down from peaks on either side, or a slight dip on a ridge or a wide field marked by cairn. Wastelands are bordered by bare and ice-sprinkled mountains. Every part of that landscape emits majestic light.

Travel Ark takes you and accommodates you first at Leh. It is Leh where the adventure starts. For some, it is the final destination. For others, it is only the first stop to go deeper into Ladakh – Nubra, Doh-Hanu, Pangong Tso and Zanskar. They are all accessible from Leh throughout the year. Ladakh lies across the Himalayas and the first range for you is Zanskar. So welcome to Ladakh. Valleys giving way to massive deserts bordered by colourful mountains are ready to greet you.

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Outstandingly rugged and barren mountains surround this erstwhile Buddhist kingdom. Picturesque gompas are the crown of majestic mountains as are the whitewashed stupas and mani walls. Fluttering prayer flags dot the mountaintops and landscapes and imbue the mountain breezes with their conversations with God. Prayer wheels spin the destinies of the simple mountain folk while the colour-laden interiors of the gompas with countless bodhisattvas send out positive vibes.

Though threatened by a rapidly increasing number of visitors, Ladakh has much to teach the West regarding ecological awareness. The traditional mudbrick homes of the Ladakhis are sustainable lifestyle models complete with fuel, dairy, organic vegetables and barley (used to make roast barley flour or tsampa and barely beer or chhang).

Unforgettable and picturesque landscapes make Ladakh though its entry maybe through high altitude passes that close between October and May due to heavy snowfall.

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about pradip mahapatra

“Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding. Find out what you already know and you will see the way to fly.”

-Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull

The livewire of Travel Ark is a man who has proved that a real Jonathan Livingston Seagull lives within us all. Pradip Mahapatra. A man who feels the importance of making the most of our lives even if our goals run contrary to the norms of our flock. So he makes his own rules to find a higher purpose. A cyclist, a trekker, a mountaineer and a nature photographer since early days, he has always been inclined towards adventure amidst nature. He was living life albeit 'normally' with customary education and then an employment, when he visited Ladakh with a trekking team in 1998. That changed everything!

The rest of the story consists of the romance of nature, a tryst with the unknown and passion for adventure. He ultimately discovered nature. His race to learn began. Later he visited Ladakh and of course other mountainous terrain innumerable times. He retired from his conventional job and founded 'Travel Ark' – named after Buddhist stupas and the abode of peace; since Buddhists are also famous for travelling.

Pradip and the Travel Ark team know Ladakh's wide spaces that funnel into spectacular gorges and open up again, the ridges that cut Ladakh in almost parallel valleys and the flowing rivers, as deeply as they know the back of their hands. Coupled with this is their knowledge of its habitants and their culture. Travel Ark – a house of nature and adventure tourism is now a known name that provides the ultimate comfort zone to tourists who have a 'nature soul' and follow their dreams.